How Is The Color Of Your Brand Affecting Your Business?

How Is The Color Of Your Brand Affecting Your Business?

We all know that every color has a certain meaning behind them, and colors can also affect your mood. By choosing the right color for your brand, you can see determent how your brand is perceived. When choosing the color, you have created a psychological connection between you and your clients. The main goal is to create a right emotional response. Here is a list of color which can help you choose the right one for your brand.


RedRed is connected with the emotion of love, passion, desire, romance, strength, willpower, action, radiance, and determination. Red can focus attention quickly and make people make decisions quickly. In China, this color is used for good luck and happiness. Many brands use this color because of these reasons, like Coca-Cola, Netflix, Lego, Nintendo, and many more.


Blue-brandBlue is color that gives you feeling of safety and trustworthiness. It is also associated with loyalty, honesty, and responsibility. This color also promotes mental and physical relaxation, it reduces stress and gives you feeling of calmness. Brands like Facebook, Samsung and Ford, use blue as there trade mark.


This color is uplifting, fun, optimistic and brings up the feeling of happiness. Yellow is known for inspiring original thoughts and ideas. It is for the people who think practical and provoke new ideas. This is the color for you if you want to awaken enthusiasm, optimism, and confidence. It can also help us to make decisions, to study, focus and to remember information. Mc Donald’s, Lipton tea, Subway and others use this color.


GreenWhen you think of green, you probably remember brands like Starbucks, John Deer, and Whole Foods. It is a color of nature, but also color of money. It represents things like health, eco-friendly, growth and nature. This is the color that Animal Planet uses to connect its relationship with nature. It is color of balance and harmony. Oli from The Fab Lab who runs science parties for kids agrees saying he loves green for his business, and people recognise it by his unique shade.



A brand like Fanta, Payless and Harley Davidson use color orange. It is linked to confidence and friendliness.  This color is optimistic and uplifting. Orange brings up a positive outlook on life and helps us to have a positive attitude.