Starting a business is both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. If it succeeds it will change the course of your life and provide you a level of independence (and responsibility) few ever experience. Starting a business, however, is not as simple as snapping your fingers or waving a wand. It takes a lot of hard work and preparation; with an emphasis on preparation. Below are 10 things you will need when starting your business.


  1. A Clear Vision – What will set your product or service apart from the competition? Who are your customers and how will you attract them? How will you make money from your idea? You need to have realistic answers to these questions before you invest a single pound.
  2. Honest Self-Appraisal – Everyone likes to think they have what it takes to be a successful business owner. But the fact is unless you are ready to put your business above everything but family your chances of success are not great. Do you truly possess the necessary commitment?
  3. Market Research – Your business won’t have much of a chance if you don’t clearly define your market. Who are your potential customers? How old are they? What is their income level? Do they share your values? You need to determine these things ahead of time.
  4. A Business Plan – Once you are certain you possess the requisite commitment and have answered all the above questions it’s time to turn what you have learned into a plan of action; a business plan. The business plan will be your guiding light going forward.
  5. Feedback on the Plan – Run your plan past those whose judgment you trust. Ask for a critical assessment, not a glowing one. Don’t argue over what they say. Instead listen to what they are trying to tell you and ask for clarification if need be.
  6. A Willingness to Revise – Once you have finished collecting feedback take what you have learned and use it to refine your business plan. These revisions and refinements could make all the difference.
  7. A Clear Idea of Startup Costs – You need to have a real-world idea of just how much all of this is going to cost. You may need to seek investors or you may not. You won’t know until you do an authoritative assessment of costs.
  8. The Ability to Sacrifice – If most or all of the startup capital is coming from your pocket you’re going to have to learn to sacrifice. Give up those mocha lattes and the latest fashions and redirect that money toward nurturing your fledgling business.
  9. A Way to Filter Potential Employees – The last thing you want is to employ trouble. This DBS check form will enable you to filter out prospective hires that could come back to haunt you. Jeff who is a hove locksmith always DBS checks any staff.
  10. Patience – Growing a business is a process, not an event. Impatience will be the end of your enterprise while a patient, even tempered approach will more often than not win the day.


Take these startup tips to heart and your business stands a good chance of success.